The Site is Live!!!

Here it is, the fruition of months of random ideas, conversations alluding to a future website, and a few focused weeks of website building (and learning how to do so.)  Welcome to my very own online storefront!  This will be my new home for posting items that are available for purchase and accepting orders.  So sit down, make yourself at home and get a feel for the place.  Let me know what you think!

So how does it all work?

If you're looking to buy something right now, that's ready to go, visit the "In Stock" section of the store.  After I get a feel for what the most popular items are, I will try to keep small stocks available for immediate purchase. If you find something you like, just click "Add to Cart" and check out.  I'll pop the item in the mail and you'll have it in short order.

Does your taste not quite match up with anything in the "In Stock" section? Hop over to the "Made to Order" section to see all the potential items, color, and thread combinations.  Fill out the request form associated with the item you'd like. Once I receive the request and payment, I'll set to work making it a reality.  Unlike the "In Stock" section, these items will require extra time to make before they are shipped, so please allow at least 2-3 weeks.  I'll communicate with you about the actual wait time once I receive the order, and I'll also try to keep the announcement bar up to date with current wait times, so you're not surprised. 

Finally, if you'd like any sort of custom item involving a name inscription or artistic design, you can submit a request using the form under the "Contact Me" section.  You can also get to the form by visiting the "Custom Order" tab under the "Made to Order" heading.  Hop over to my portfolio for examples of past custom items and see how limitless the possibilities are. Custom requests aren't limited to the items listed on the site, so feel free to ask away.  Once I receive the request, I'll work closely with you to determine exactly what you want and I'll provide a price based on the level of customization and total time.  

This blog will be your source of up-to-date information on what new products will be coming to the store.  I'll also be posting photos and descriptions of interesting projects I'm working on, and answering common leather work questions to give a peek behind the veil of how it's all made.

For example, be on the lookout for giveaway opportunities in the next few weeks! 

Thanks for visiting, now don't be a stranger!