The epitome of a small business, Homage Leatherworks is owned and run by a single craftsman--Shane Haga.  Each item is made exclusively by Shane, and passes through his rigorous standard of quality control.  

"A die-hard perfectionist from a young age, I have always had an eye for detail. Part of what draws me to leather work is the seemingly unending amount there is to learn.  With each new skill, there comes a desire for mastery.  The pursuit of perfection is what drives me forward. 
As my business continues, I strive to stay on the curve of new techniques and refine old ones. My desire is to constantly learn and improve the quality of my products.
My passion is for custom items that represent the customer's experience--that pay homage to things most dear to their personal story.  For me, it is a distinct honor to be entrusted with a custom commission. I promise to always give the attention to detail it merits, in order to create something unforgettable."  
-Shane Haga