When you consider the vast differences that exist between one person and the next, it is amazing that we are willing to settle for anything from an assembly line.  At Homage Leatherworks, every item is made to order.

You speak it into existence.

See something you like? Choose from a range of dye options and thread colors to create the item that matches your individuality.  

Once the order is received and approved, the craftsman will set to work making it a reality.  Each piece of leather is hand selected and cut before dyeing and conditioning.  Finally, using the traditional saddle-stitching method, your item is carefully sewn together by hand to produce a final product that will last for years and age gracefully.

Due to the nature of the hand-made process, colors may vary slightly and wait times will fluctuate.  I will communicate as best I can to ensure you receive exactly what you want in a timely fashion.