The Raffle Winner Announced!

A winner for this year's raffle has been confirmed.  Congratulations to a repeat customer, supporter, and just all around good friend, Chris Hillier!



Thank you to all who entered the contest.  I truly appreciate the support and your interest in my work.  Please continue to follow along with my work on social media and let me know what you would like the chance to win in next year's opportunity. As always, if I haven't made it yet, don't hesitate to contact me anyway--I love a good challenge.

Now is also a good time to start thinking about the gifts you might be giving this winter.  It's never too soon to get in your custom orders, but it can be too late! 



Raffle 2.0

In your mind, what does a $10 briefcase look like? Well, if you're lucky, it looks a lot like this:


If you're trying to work out the mental math on that, rest assured there's no way the numbers add up.  The material cost of the leather in that bag alone totals 50x that price, but $10 could be all it takes to win this one of a kind bag in this year's raffle contest.  

If you’ve ever been interested in fine, handmade, leather goods but the price scared you away, believe me, I know how you feel.  I couldn't even afford to buy my own work! But, this here is your shot at the bargain of a lifetime. One lucky winner will receive this beautiful, hand-crafted briefcase, valued at over $1500, for as little as $10!

This beautiful bag was painstakingly made by hand using navy blue calfskin and chestnut English bridle accents. The result is a wonderful contrast of colors and textures that makes this briefcase exceptionally unique. The handle was carefully shaped to fit comfortably in the hand, so that you can carry it all day, should you have to. On the reverse, a newspaper sleeve allows storage of any documents or reading materials you’d like to be able to access quickly.

The interior is a combination of brown and blue goatskin that maintain a consistent color scheme with the exterior, and lend a soft feel that will protect whatever you decide to carry. Additionally, three pen sleeves and a miscellaneous pocket with a button closure offer the ability to stay organized.

Sewn entirely by hand at 9 stitches per inch, this bag was created to last, age gracefully, and look professional while turning heads. Winning this bag will make you the envy of friends and coworkers for years to come. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!



-All that is required to be eligible to win is the purchase of a ticket. For each ticket purchase, your name will be entered once for the official winner drawing on Saturday, August 4th. Ticket sales will end at 12am-midnight, August 3rd. There are no limits on the number of times you may purchase to be entered to win. The drawing will be done on Instagram Live at 6pm, MST, through my page @Homageleatherworks. The winner will be contacted via email and has 48hrs to confirm their prize, or another winner will be drawn.

-By purchasing a ticket, you acknowledge that you are entering a contest and are not guaranteed to win the briefcase. Only one winner will be selected, and all purchases are final.

-No immediate family members are eligible to win. (If we share a last name, you cannot win.)

-Shipping will be free inside the continental United States. International shipping must be paid for by the recipient.


The Start of Something Special

Every once and a while, I'll get a nugget of an idea that sits in a far corner of my brain, slowly developing until it produces in me an overwhelming desire to make the idea a reality.  As a business, however, it is not always practical to use my limited time to chase my own ideas when there are orders to fill, and thus they sit idle, simply waiting to be pursued.  Eventually, a break in the schedule allows me to explore these concepts further, and with any luck see them through to the final product.  When such a time comes, I am left with a piece I'm quite fond of, full of my own passions, catered to my own tastes and highly unique, yet it is simply bad business for me to hang on to every piece I like.

The first such piece was the portfolio briefcase that was raffled off earlier in the year.  It was an exciting endeavor that allowed me to explore my abilities while developing new skills. It started out as a simple idea for a computer case, but eventually grew into its full potential as a briefcase. As badly as I wanted to hang on to it for myself, I decided it best to offer it up to you, my followers, and was blown away by the response. 

And so grew a new nugget of an idea that has been milling around for quite some time, before becoming the idea that I give to you today-- The Craftsman's Cut Product Line

This new line will be the way in which my special ideas can come to fruition.  They will likely include techniques I want to try and incorporate the artistic ideas I want to work out. Additionally, as a line with limited releases, each purchase will include the original artwork, as well as a numbered and signed certificate with an explanation of the inspiration for the piece.  Today, I give to you the very first product in the Craftsman's Cut Product Line, available for purchase!

This billfold allowed me to work out some ideas I was wanting to try, as well as experiment with lining and French bindings. I'm very pleased with the result, myself, but I am happy to release it to you.  If this billfold suits your interests as it does my own, you can make it yours today and be the first in a very special series. 


Be sure to comment and let me know what you think or would like to see, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see what I'm working on! Like and Share to let your friends know what they're missing. 

And The Winners Are...

A sincere "Thank You" to everyone who participated in one or both of the contests over the past week. I have just finished drawing the three lucky winners, and they are:

Giveaway Contest:

1st prize: Lee Chichester- choice of passport wallet, card wallet, or belt

2nd price: Michelle Williams- choice of keychain, luggage tag, or business card holder

Briefcase Raffle:

Susan Gullord

I will be contacting each winner individually to determine your choice, and arrange delivery.  

Thank you again to everyone who participated, and I hope you will continue to follow along with my business and recommend me to friends.



Raffle Update

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased tickets for the raffle.  The winner will be chosen in just two days, on April 11!  

Many of you have already purchased the maximum five tickets I originally specified.  However, due to the number of tickets that remain unclaimed, I've decided to increase that limit to 10 for those that would like to increase their odds. If you'd like to purchase more tickets, you can do so now.  If you haven't bought yours, yet, time is quickly running out. 

Don't forget about the giveaway contest, either! 

Thanks again for playing, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Exclusive Raffle and Giveaway Opportunity

Ever admired a handmade item, and thought, "One day, when I can afford it, I'm buying myself one of those."? 

I can tell you, from my side, one of the hardest things to do is decide the price of an item.  I know just how much time and effort goes in to each piece, and in order to make it worth my own time, I often have to set a price knowing that it's well outside the budget for many people. Well, to all those folks, I say, this is your chance!  Starting today, April 3, 2017 and ending April 10, 2017 I will be running a raffle and a giveaway for a total of 3 lucky winners.  Don't sit back and watch, this is your chance to win a luxury handmade item at a mere fraction of the price!


Raffle Contest:

The item I'm putting on the block for the raffle is one near and dear to my heart-- the portfolio briefcase.  This is a perfect example of the time and effort that goes into a handmade item.  In total, this briefcase took over 50 hours to complete, and 2300 stitches done by hand. It is incredibly unique, with the design entirely guided by the thought, "What would I like to carry, myself?"


Here is your chance to win it, for as little as $5. 

I have set aside 300 "tickets" for this raffle contest.  After a full week, unless tickets sell out sooner, a lucky winner will be randomly picked to receive the briefcase.  What does this mean for you?  Every ticket has at least a 1/300 chance of being the winner.  I don't know if you're a lottery player, but I like those odds.  You can even purchase as many as 5 tickets to improve those odds to 1/60.  So here's your shot to win a beautiful briefcase you thought you'd never have.

Rules of the Contest:

-Only 300 tickets are available for purchase.

-Maximum purchase of 5 tickets per person. 

-No blood relatives are eligible to win-- you know who you are.

-Winner will be announced April 11, 2017 unless tickets sell out sooner. 


There's Also a Bonus Giveaway Opportunity!

For those unlucky folks related to me, and anyone else looking to win something special, I've decided to run a separate giveaway with 2 lucky winners randomly drawn on April 11.  Here's how to get entered.

Giveaway Rules and Prizes:

-1st Prize: Choice between passport wallet or simple card wallet, monogrammed with first and last initials OR a simple belt OR any of the 2nd prize options.

-2nd Prize: Choice between key chain, luggage tag, or business card holder monogrammed with first and last initials. 

-Giveaway runs April 3, 2017-April 10, 2017.  

-1st and 2nd prize winners will be drawn April 11,2017

-Contestants may enter ONCE per day, by sharing Homage Leatherworks to Instagram or Facebook.  Posts must include the link to the raffle,  and tag @HomageLeatherworks to be eligible. 

***Please message me through Facebook, Instagram or Email  to ensure you are entered. 

-Blood relatives are eligible for this contest

-Winners will be responsible for shipping fees.


The Site is Live!!!

Here it is, the fruition of months of random ideas, conversations alluding to a future website, and a few focused weeks of website building (and learning how to do so.)  Welcome to my very own online storefront!  This will be my new home for posting items that are available for purchase and accepting orders.  So sit down, make yourself at home and get a feel for the place.  Let me know what you think!

So how does it all work?

If you're looking to buy something right now, that's ready to go, visit the "In Stock" section of the store.  After I get a feel for what the most popular items are, I will try to keep small stocks available for immediate purchase. If you find something you like, just click "Add to Cart" and check out.  I'll pop the item in the mail and you'll have it in short order.

Does your taste not quite match up with anything in the "In Stock" section? Hop over to the "Made to Order" section to see all the potential items, color, and thread combinations.  Fill out the request form associated with the item you'd like. Once I receive the request and payment, I'll set to work making it a reality.  Unlike the "In Stock" section, these items will require extra time to make before they are shipped, so please allow at least 2-3 weeks.  I'll communicate with you about the actual wait time once I receive the order, and I'll also try to keep the announcement bar up to date with current wait times, so you're not surprised. 

Finally, if you'd like any sort of custom item involving a name inscription or artistic design, you can submit a request using the form under the "Contact Me" section.  You can also get to the form by visiting the "Custom Order" tab under the "Made to Order" heading.  Hop over to my portfolio for examples of past custom items and see how limitless the possibilities are. Custom requests aren't limited to the items listed on the site, so feel free to ask away.  Once I receive the request, I'll work closely with you to determine exactly what you want and I'll provide a price based on the level of customization and total time.  

This blog will be your source of up-to-date information on what new products will be coming to the store.  I'll also be posting photos and descriptions of interesting projects I'm working on, and answering common leather work questions to give a peek behind the veil of how it's all made.

For example, be on the lookout for giveaway opportunities in the next few weeks! 

Thanks for visiting, now don't be a stranger!