Taking the traditional billfold to the next level, this model begs the question, "What more could you possibly want?".  Featuring an additional cash sleeve divider and sewn in ID sleeve, this wallet allows you keep your cash and notes separate and always have your license ready.  As with the traditional billfold design, the deluxe model boasts eight card slots and two hidden pockets so you can keep everything you need in your daily carry. Take a step up for a more luxurious feel and add a goat skin lining to the cash pocket, or make things personal with a completely custom artistic design.  Any way you cut it, this hand-crafted billfold will stand out and be unique to your taste. 

Each wallet is made using only full grain leather that will grow even more beautiful with time.  The process begins by transferring my personal template to leather and hand cutting each individual piece. One by one the pockets are thinned to reduce bulk and hand sewn in place with the finest linen thread using the incomparably strong traditional saddle stitching technique. Edges are hand burnished and polished to a naturally beautiful sheen or layered with edge paint and heat treated for a smooth finish according to your preference. Finally conditioner is applied and hand buffed before the wallet finds its way to you. 

Begin the process of creating your hand-crafted deluxe billfold today.

Pricing begins at $250

**A note on wallets: Depending on leather choice pockets may be stiff initially and require a break-in period for the leather and stitching to adjust to your belongings. With time, the pockets will soften and relax to remove items more easily. 

Please fill in the following form as thoroughly as possible.  If you are not sure what you'd like, feel free to say so in the comment box and I will be happy to discuss all available options with you to determine what will suit you best. Thank you for taking the time to submit your request.  I look forward to working with you.

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Availability will vary, but I will do my best to ensure you receive your desired color choice.
Availability will vary, but I will do my best to ensure you receive your desired color choice.
Any artistic customizations including full name, initials, or other design. Only available for Natural Veg. Tan options, or combination with Natural Veg. Tan. Final pricing will depend on complexity of design.