Exclusive Raffle and Giveaway Opportunity

Ever admired a handmade item, and thought, "One day, when I can afford it, I'm buying myself one of those."? 

I can tell you, from my side, one of the hardest things to do is decide the price of an item.  I know just how much time and effort goes in to each piece, and in order to make it worth my own time, I often have to set a price knowing that it's well outside the budget for many people. Well, to all those folks, I say, this is your chance!  Starting today, April 3, 2017 and ending April 10, 2017 I will be running a raffle and a giveaway for a total of 3 lucky winners.  Don't sit back and watch, this is your chance to win a luxury handmade item at a mere fraction of the price!


Raffle Contest:

The item I'm putting on the block for the raffle is one near and dear to my heart-- the portfolio briefcase.  This is a perfect example of the time and effort that goes into a handmade item.  In total, this briefcase took over 50 hours to complete, and 2300 stitches done by hand. It is incredibly unique, with the design entirely guided by the thought, "What would I like to carry, myself?"


Here is your chance to win it, for as little as $5. 

I have set aside 300 "tickets" for this raffle contest.  After a full week, unless tickets sell out sooner, a lucky winner will be randomly picked to receive the briefcase.  What does this mean for you?  Every ticket has at least a 1/300 chance of being the winner.  I don't know if you're a lottery player, but I like those odds.  You can even purchase as many as 5 tickets to improve those odds to 1/60.  So here's your shot to win a beautiful briefcase you thought you'd never have.

Rules of the Contest:

-Only 300 tickets are available for purchase.

-Maximum purchase of 5 tickets per person. 

-No blood relatives are eligible to win-- you know who you are.

-Winner will be announced April 11, 2017 unless tickets sell out sooner. 


There's Also a Bonus Giveaway Opportunity!

For those unlucky folks related to me, and anyone else looking to win something special, I've decided to run a separate giveaway with 2 lucky winners randomly drawn on April 11.  Here's how to get entered.

Giveaway Rules and Prizes:

-1st Prize: Choice between passport wallet or simple card wallet, monogrammed with first and last initials OR a simple belt OR any of the 2nd prize options.

-2nd Prize: Choice between key chain, luggage tag, or business card holder monogrammed with first and last initials. 

-Giveaway runs April 3, 2017-April 10, 2017.  

-1st and 2nd prize winners will be drawn April 11,2017

-Contestants may enter ONCE per day, by sharing Homage Leatherworks to Instagram or Facebook.  Posts must include the link to the raffle www.homageleatherworks.com/raffle,  and tag @HomageLeatherworks to be eligible. 

***Please message me through Facebook, Instagram or Email homageleatherworks@gmail.com  to ensure you are entered. 

-Blood relatives are eligible for this contest

-Winners will be responsible for shipping fees.