The Start of Something Special

Every once and a while, I'll get a nugget of an idea that sits in a far corner of my brain, slowly developing until it produces in me an overwhelming desire to make the idea a reality.  As a business, however, it is not always practical to use my limited time to chase my own ideas when there are orders to fill, and thus they sit idle, simply waiting to be pursued.  Eventually, a break in the schedule allows me to explore these concepts further, and with any luck see them through to the final product.  When such a time comes, I am left with a piece I'm quite fond of, full of my own passions, catered to my own tastes and highly unique, yet it is simply bad business for me to hang on to every piece I like.

The first such piece was the portfolio briefcase that was raffled off earlier in the year.  It was an exciting endeavor that allowed me to explore my abilities while developing new skills. It started out as a simple idea for a computer case, but eventually grew into its full potential as a briefcase. As badly as I wanted to hang on to it for myself, I decided it best to offer it up to you, my followers, and was blown away by the response. 

And so grew a new nugget of an idea that has been milling around for quite some time, before becoming the idea that I give to you today-- The Craftsman's Cut Product Line

This new line will be the way in which my special ideas can come to fruition.  They will likely include techniques I want to try and incorporate the artistic ideas I want to work out. Additionally, as a line with limited releases, each purchase will include the original artwork, as well as a numbered and signed certificate with an explanation of the inspiration for the piece.  Today, I give to you the very first product in the Craftsman's Cut Product Line, available for purchase!

This billfold allowed me to work out some ideas I was wanting to try, as well as experiment with lining and French bindings. I'm very pleased with the result, myself, but I am happy to release it to you.  If this billfold suits your interests as it does my own, you can make it yours today and be the first in a very special series. 


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