The driving force behind my business has always been my relationship with, and the memory of my father, who introduced me to the world of leathercraft. For those not yet familiar with my family history, my father was first diagnosed with lung cancer in the Summer of 2010 at stage IV. Given the fact that he had never smoked, the doctors did not consider lung cancer a viable diagnosis, and the disease was allowed to progress unchecked until he was finally diagnosed. At stage IV, the chance of survival beyond a year is nearly nonexistent.  Thanks to a number of clinical trials and advanced treatment options, however, my father was able to beat the agressive cancer 3 times until he succummed after 6 years of fighting, in 2016. 

As are many others, our family was completely ignorant of the reality of lung cancer prior to my father's diagnosis.  We were completely unaware that not only is it possible to develop the cancer without ever having smoked, but a growing number of non-smokers and never-smokers are being diagnosed and at younger ages. 

November is the month allotted to lung cancer awareness. Currently, lung cancer leads all others in the number of lives it takes annually, both male and female, yet research for treatment is underfunded. Unlike other cancers, a harmful stigma surrounds the disease that suggests that lung cancer is a smoker's-only disease, and almost a karmic justice.  Having watched my father suffer for six long years I can attest that no one deserves lung cancer, smoker or not.  It's time to change the dangerous misconception and give lung cancer research the attention and funding it deserves. 

In order to support this cause, I have created two handmade keychain options that display the white lung cancer awareness ribbon. One hundred percent of profits from the purchases of these keychains will be donated to the LUNGevity organization, with which my family has first hand experience and trust, to further their efforts in the fight against lung cancer.  Additionally, for the month of November, 15% of profits from all other sales will be donated.  Please consider making a purchase in support of this cause, and in memory of my father. 

For more information on lung cancer statistics and how to support the fight, or to make a direct donation, visit:

To read more on the inspiration behind my business, check out The Story

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Lung Cancer Keychains

100% of profits from each keychain purchase will be donated to the LUNGevity Organization to fund the fight against lung cancer.

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